Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A quick stop at the baby orphanage ..

Tonight is sushi night for the swetly put kids .  The movie had a hiccup though.  the movies we wanted were all to late, so we will go back to the orphanage and set up the projector and we will watch FROZEN.  

we had a bit of running around today , first stop was to the Baby orphanage to meat up with them to start the repairs for the washing machine.  this made the washer ladies happy .   

washing machine to fix 

while in the laundry room we saw these blankets coming out of the dryer.. we recognized them as the ones that Aigoola made for them about 5 years ago
While there we checked out the playground to see what repairs need to be made.  The orphanage grounds are looking very nice .  They have been doing a lot of painting, and have about half of the fences etc all nicely painted.  They had stopped because they were out of paint and had no budget left for that.  With children s day coming up, I know it is important to them to have everything all fixed up, and there is not time to put it on the blog here for this need, so I was blessed to be able to help with funds that came in from the Saint Rose Birthday Challenge.. 
One of the play grounds 

8 cans of paint .... 2 red , 2 blue, 2 yellow and 2 green
If any of you have seen the Birthday challenge on the right side of the blog and have wondered what it is about,  This is a challenge issued buy a darling young girl who was from the Tokmok baby orphange.  She now lives in the United States,  and ask's  that her friends not get her gifts, but make a donation to be used for the baby orphanage.  Over the years we have sponsored parties, extra food drops, renovations, operations ... and this year the washing machine and the paint.. and it is looking like there will be enough to add a little something extra for the kids on children s day as well ..we will know more when the washing machine repair is finished.  What a blessing this has been.  If any of you would like to help her , just click on the link.  I am certain she will be thrilled.. as are we.

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