Sunday, May 11, 2014

trip to Naryn

We had a great trip to Naryn this weekend.  It was great to meet Acels mom, she has not seen her for three years.

  Cammels , Yacks , horses , sheep .. so much to see as we traveled down the silk road.  One of the oldest roads on earth., and still a major trade route.  We were witness to The camels going one way and the new transport trucks going the other .. I wonder how much longer it will be possible to witness something like this . Old meets New .. 
Many of the people we passed are continuing to live along the Silk road as they would have for thousands of years.   When we got to Acels village , it was amazing that we only saw a few cars all day.  

When we drove around to see the village, one of Acels Nieces joined us .. she wanted to have a ride in an automobile.   

While in Naryn we stopped by a small orphange and brought them some fruit, and met with the director and his wife.  An amazing couple that has being doing this for 30 years.  We look forward to doing more with them in the future. 

On the way home the weather cooled down a lot, and the Yacks moved down out of the mountain.   Here is a LONG video of some of the trip .. it is actually paired down from about a thousand photos, but the scenery and the culture was so amazing , and the trip was so beautiful   .. I am sure you will enjoy  


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! It looks just like Colorado minus the yaks and camels. Such beautiful people too.Thanks for sharing. God bless,

Margaret said...

Kyrgyzstan felt like home to me, since I grew up in Colorado. It seemed fitting that my children are from there.