Saturday, May 24, 2014

A day of celebrations and connections

Yesterday we had lots on the go.
A few years ago we were helping Ruslan with his documents and noticed it was his birthday that day.  We said to him " Ruslan it's your birthday .. Happy birthday " but he responded " I don't have a birthday , other kids have them but orphans don't."  From that point on Emma has made sure that Orphans do have birthdays.  Yesterday was Ruslans fourth  Birthday .

We got the hand wash stations delivered and installed at the hospital, but after the inspection, it was determined that they needed 3 more, so that ment another trip to the supplier in Bishkek.  

That was Ok because Emma and Kamalla were on their way to Karabalta to see some of Emma's kids there .  They are at a point that they need to figure out what they will be doing for school for the next couple years ... do they go to technical school in the city in the fall or do they stay at the orphanage for a couple more years and finish grade 11.  We always encourage them to get their grade 11 and stay where they are safe and looked after rather then being off in the city on their own.
Having these conversations over a phone, it is easy for the kids to think that we are possibly just trying to brush them off , or that we don't really care .. A face to face trip. even though that it is 4 and 1/2 hours away, confirms to them that we do care, and we are taking their request for scholarship seriously.    It also helps that we can have a common front with the orphanage director.
  Richard is a great guy and he works so hard to advocate for the kids.. They are blessed to have him, and we are blessed to know him .

 We have three kids at that orphanage that we have worked with since 2008 when their orphanage was shut down in Tokmok and they were scattered.  It has been difficult to keep them all in touch with each other, the kids that they grew up together as family.   So it was so nice for them to spend the afternoon together , and discuss future plans.  

While they were away, Julie Bekah and I had the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of the kids at IUCA here in Tokmok.  Many of these kids Julie had taught, and bekah had worked with , we had several of our scholarship kids graduate as well.. and many that call us Mom and Dad. 

We had some special presents for some of our kids that we have been a little closer to.  We have seen the struggles that they have gone through to get to this day, and we are so very proud of all their hard work .

I got a call from another young friend of ours , you can see her story here  .  She would like to spend the summer in the US on a travel tourism work placement, but is looking for a sponsor for $500.  we would feel better as well if she was to stay or work with someone that we know.. if any one out there would like to help and or have a house guest this summer, let us know.

On the Fire front, Larisa continues to work with them,.. They are ready to move to their next residence at the hospital, but we don't have any mattresses or blankets for them.  we need 60 sets @ about $25 , again if anyone interested in helping with this , you can use the link on the right .

Today we have begun packing .. we will be very busy the last couple days , so we have tried to get all but our carry on bags packed now , so our dinning room is a little full right now.

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