Thursday, January 30, 2014


Feb 1st the challenge begins.

So here is the way this will work, but first let me share a little back ground . 

As you have seen on the blog over the years , we have been giving out special home made blankets to the people that we help here in Kyrgyzstan ..

Aigula has made blankets for the baby orphanage, the mens home , the refugees in Osh , the hospitals , the police, and the families in need .  Teams have brought them back to Canada, and we have shipped them all over North America ... 

They were given out this Christmas to the kids from Bacute orphanage 

Each child received there very own blanket that will remain their personal property, and extras are available as new kids arrive 

They are included in many of the humanitarian aid drops that we do now , 

and now one of these special blankets could be yours .  
We packed a suit case full of them this trip 
OK so back to the contest ... 

Over the years , as the pie challenge has been going on, many of you have come up with some very interesting ways of raising your $500.. we have seen raffles, and giveaways , we have seen yard sales and ebay sales .. we have seen individuals  personal donations and we have seen them include soliciting friends and organizations schools and church groups .. the point is that there are just so many ways to help .  

Yesterday on the blog I posted a list of needs .  Each week starting on Feb 1, I will high light one or two of those needs .and put up thermometer to track the donations.  ( if you need help with any information and photos please contact me and I will help )   By the end of the week, who ever has raised the most funds toward that weeks need will receive one of these beautiful blankets.  

Below is a list of the order that we will be highlighting the needs in case there is a specific need that you or your friends would like to work toward.    

Feb 1 - 7      Homeless girl & feeding the homeless  $200 + $960          = $1160
Feb 8 - 14     Dental care and Emergency Medical  $2000 + $500            = $2500
Feb 15- 21   Food drop, orphanages , seniors home , families and students = $3000
Feb 22-28    Mens home floor and tables and chairs  $2000 +$2500      = $4500
March 1-7      Half way house and shelter                                      = $8000
March 8-14      Olga's children's Knowledge store and mystery need     = $5000
March 15 - 21    upgrade from a car to a truck for many ministry needs  =$6000

Time to get creative ! 

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