Monday, January 20, 2014

Final day at this end of the valley

Ok so this is another long post with lots of pictures .. they tell the story better then I do .  

We started off with a stop at the Baby hospital to get things started for the little baby .  It had part of its bowel removed , and now they need to put things back together .. The parents were notified that the funds were in , and they are on there way in now. 

Next stop was to the seniors home at the end of the valey .  We wanted to stop in and say good buy to them before we go.

Emma and Kamalla at the front of the seniors home
 We then stoped and picked up Luba and one of her brothers .  We brought them back to Tokmok with us for lunch, then some shopping at the Bazaar.

Nadya sure is growing up .. but boy is she developing a bit of an attitude

After shopping , we loaded them on the bus back home , then went and picked up Kolya .  He was coming with us to visit Victor.
 Victor lives a long was away, and you can't get there by car, so we have never actualy been to his home ourselves before .
We drove as far as we could .. through the feel along the side of the tracks
finaly we saw Victor coming out to greet us

then we continued to walk along the tracks

Sergey waited back with the car and we walked on

Finally we came to his little village 

We were met by some village kids showing off for our camera's

it sure is strange to be in a village with no cars
It was nice to have Kola along with us as well .. the boys have been friends since they were in the orphanage together soooo many years ago .
Victors Grandmother loves Emma

Baktagul was with us for the adventure .. I love this picture .. she does more smiling now then ever before .

Shannin had an opportunity to spend a little more time with him .. they have really connected

I like this picture as well .. it was taken along the tracks as we walked back to the van

Shannin and Victor walking back

Final good buys 
Now you may have noticed here ... NO JENGISH .. he was in Bishkek . he had a project we have been working on finishing up , as well as one young girl we know is in the hospital, so he went to confirm details before we paid for the operation . 

Tomorrow we are all back into Bishkek for our final Day .  A dentist appointment for Julie, and a meeting with the director of Swetly put to work on the medical needs of 7 of her kids .  Then its off to the airport tomorrow night .  

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