Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Packed and ready to go

Today was our final day in Kyrgyzstan for this trip, and as usual was a busy one.  Jengish was up and at it this morning with Umute . she had to have an operation this morning , one that was not the most comfortable for Jengish to talk about , but he did well and was able to make sure that every one did their jobs and he settled up with the Dr's and Anesthesiologists, as well as all the lab work and tests , and post opp. stay in the hospital ..  
While he was doing that , we went to Svetly put children's home.  We took the director out for lunch .  She is one of my hero's here in Kyrgyzstan .  She has dedicated her life to caring for the lost and forgotten children from the streets of Bishkek . 

It was fitting that we had lunch at "The Russian Restaurant"   

Everything about it was Russsian .. full of history

We sat back in this little room off the side
We introduced "Momma" to Kamalla.  Kamalla will be helping with the medical needs of the girls from Svetly put that were sponsored from the WM Galla in Norwood .  Today we set everything in motion and delivered the necessary funds .

It was very interesting sitting with Momma in this setting, and hearing stories of life before the fall of the Soviet Union . As she shared , we could look around, and just imagine being there . 
 This is actually the first time that we have had the opportunity to spend such quality time with This incredible woman .. We were blessed to be able to do it .  

From there we had a few more stops, then Julies final Dentist appointment.  Now we are back in Tokmok , all packed up and ready to pull out in a few hours .   

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