Friday, January 10, 2014

Honouring the Nurses and Caregivers

Yesterday was a fun day, well it finished fun, but started not so fun with Julie having a root canal done.  But after that we had a celebration with all the workers from the Maternity hospital, the Baby Hospital and the Baby orphanage.    Our friend Joe had gathered nurses uniforms from her nurse friends in Canada ,  there were 80 sets, enough for everyone . almost , ( a couple got 2 so we will buy three more here so that they all get one )  

They also got a small gift bag each with a winter supply of vitamins , a good pen a note book and shampoo and either a flash light or a watch .

Julie and Anya preparing the table for them to come and get a uniform 

a very exciting moment for them all

We had little Canada flag pins that our friend Mike had left for us to give out .  
 This morning Julie was back to Bishkek with Emma to get more work on her root canal .  Jengish and I had some errands to run and a meeting .  We did come across a rather serious need that I am not sure would be right to share on Facebook or the blog, We committed to $300 work right away , and another few hundred dollars work in the near future .   If anyone feels led to help with this mystery  need , you can email me separate, and I can explain a little more .   But for now the most serious issue has been resolved .

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