Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Celebrating with the nurses

A couple days ago we got the guys off to the airport at 2:30 in the morning in a snow storm .   they actually made it as far as JFK before the weather started giving them trouble, but they are home safe now.  After dropping them off we went to visit Jengishes parents for lunch, then we met up with one of Emma's girls in the city .
  While visiting , she said that she would like to see some pictured of her when she was young.  Well for some reason my phone had just downloaded every picture I have ever posted on the blog or shared in an email , so I just happened to have lots of pictures of her going back to 2007 when she went into the orphanage system ,   I also had pictured of her grand mother for a couple years before she had passed away .. She was so happy and emotional at the same time that some one had these pictures of her child hood.  Next week we will have her come to the house and go through all the hard drive from the last 11 years , and we will print off a photo album for her.
  Yesterday was a day of rest for us  with well over 2000 Christmas gifts distributed, and 32 separate parties over,. we all drifted between asleep and awake the hole day ..

This morning it was back at it .  We were getting ready for tomorrow . packing gift bags and sorting vitamins. .

Tomorrow morning Julie and I have dentist appointments in Bishkek, then in the afternoon we have an appreciation dinner with the nurses  and staff from the Baby orphanage, the Baby hospital and the maturity hospital . there will be about 80 people at the dinner.   We brought with us Nurses uniforms for them all , and along with that they will each get a nice little note book, a good quality pen, a winter supply of vitamins, and either a small flashlight or a watch..  This will all take place at one of the local restaurants where they will be treated to a nice supper.  We are really looking forward to this celebration.  these are such hard workers , and the work that they do is so important .   It is many times a thankless job .. after all how does an abandoned new born show its appreciation.  But tomorrow , these workers will know that they are appreciated.

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gahenard said...

Lots of admiration for all you & Julie are doing in K., John! Thank you so much for giving to the Lord!! Gail & Dave Henard