Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Getting over the jet leg ..

So often we return from Kyrgyzstan with our heads spinning with the needs that we have experienced and this trip has been no different .. There are just so many needs right now, most of them are medical needs as those we work with are struggling to make it through the winter . 
sitting with Tikik post surgery as we are waiting for his transfer papers to be straitened out. 
 I have had a couple people ask me  "So what is your greatest need right now " and I, still in my jet legged state just have a blank stare... not because there are non, but because there are so many that I am overwhelmed, and in my mind I am thinking .." Do you really want to know or are you just making conversation."    We tell people when they come on a team to have a line ready for when people ask how the "Trip " was .. its so much easier if you have an answer ready and you don't have to think..   But today I wish I did not have to think.. Today my head is simply spinning .. So much to do and where do we start .. we have 2 months before we return .. and many of the needs can't even wait that long .  
  So maybe its time to get creative .. time to figure out how to meet the needs .   I will formulate a list and post it here in the next couple of days , then as needs are met,  I will come back and indicate were we are in covering those needs .    If nothing else , it will help us cope with the overwhelming feeling we have right now .. after all we know that we are not in this alone .  

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