Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Doing a little shopping

This morning we went to the bazaar to buy groceries for some families in town.  Our friend David that 2as here a couple months ago sent some money , and asked that we bring some food hampers to his friends here.  
  After picking up the groceries we went to the street corner to meet Hamanat to have him help us make the deliveries ... this is where his Taxi stand is .  Across the street there was an old Kyrgyz Babushka selling apples .. I said to Shannin , " I think she needs to be finished for the day " so we went over to buy out her stock to add to the grocery bags .  

So this should be easy right ? 

"Yes we would like to buy all your apples" 

" Yes ALL of them"

" yes those two"

"Its OK that they are different prices ... I still want ALL of them "

" no you don't understand , I want those too... I would like to buy all of them "

" yes these ones and those ones .. I would like them all "

" All of them ! "

" OK Jengish .. she is not getting it , you are going to have to come over here and try "

1/2 hour later .. we are almost done 

or so we thought ... all weighed up.. now to do the math ... just in case we gave her a little extra :)

it was ok though .. gave us time to appreciate the beautiful back drop from the corner 

Hamanat all loaded up .. at this point he had already contacted two of the families to tell them he was on his way .. and sooo happy to do so .

the  next stop was a little quicker .. another friend of Daves was thrilled with her Christmas gift of food and a beautiful blanket made by Aigula 

She has a bit of a spring in her step as she walked home . 

This afternoon we went to see Vlady .  we had heard that his car has broken down.  If there is anyone here that needs a car it is Vlady .. he is such a help to so many , and his car is always full of supplies and building materials to help out those in need .  It took very little for us to come to the concensis that he needs a car more then we do , so We gave him our car today to use until his is working again .  We were able to help out a bit with his repairs as well..   So this afternoon he is back to work .. being a blessing to EVERYONE in his path ... One day I would love to be able to get him a truck .. but for now we do what we can .. 

a few more stops today ..but those are stories of their own . 

Also thinking a lot of my friend Jack in Espanola .. so a quick Hi from all of us .. 

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