Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A few of the needs that are on my heart

I shared yesterday about some of the current needs that we have identified on our last trip over .  .. Julie has been keeping a list of needs in her book, but with out even going there , there are many needs off the top of my head .    Here is a short description of some of those needs and the total associated with them .

There is a young girl, 19 years old , orphan that had been living on the streets, our friends have taken her in, but they themselves do not have money to live never mind an extra mouth to feed , and the extra expenses involved with caring for this young girl .  Vera is overseeing this and trying to raise the funds needed to help her .....  Girl in Podgorna $200

  At the mens home in Iskra , we have done so much work there over the years .. right up to a couple months ago when we replaced a majority of the heating system for them.  One of the big projects that we have been working on is the floor in he main dinning room .  We desperately need to put a floor down.  the old one is all un even open concrete.. it is dirty and un safe.  We were ready to do the floor, but the roof was leaking , it had no heat , the windows were bad and the electrical needed replacing .  We decided i would be best to tackle those projects first so that we would not damage the new floor , especially if we had to dig some up for pipes or wiring .. well we are now ready for he floor .. but we just don't have the funds needed .. we have $3000 for his, but the project is going to cost $5000 so we still need to raise the rest before we begin............  Mens home floor $2000

There are some other needs at the home as well that we would like to tackle.  the chairs are in bad shape, most of them are just frames with no seats or just a board for a seat .  we would like to recondition these .. Vlady has worked out a plan for this .  The table tops are made of press board and have stared to fall apart after the years ,., again Vlady has a plan for this..   As well we need to get some sort of an air ex-changer or de humidifier in the dinning room as we are continually battling mold here ..  tables and chairs and air exchanger  $2500  

  There is a great need for a half way house for the people that are coming off the streets or out of rehab center.  Jengish has been working hard to provide a shelter for these men and kids .. Through him we have developed a program that the men will be able to work and live there , and until they find a job, they can work right at the center .   Right now the main job they do is working with a carver, but we would like to expand that to include raising sheep and chickens , and other forms of farming .  right now we rent a one room house in the center of Bishkek.  we are looking to find something about 30 minutes out of the down town , so that we can get a bigger place and land.  as well it will be close enough to the city for jobs for the people living there as well as close enough to use the home to make meals for the homeless program .   We have two options, one is to rent a place .. we would need about $400 a month to run the center , the other option is a more long term goal, and that would be to purchase something cheep and fix it up .. for that we would need between 8 and 10 thousand dollars .   

We took a lot of students to the dentist over the last few months , but it seems that as heard as you try to get every one caught up , the number of people needing help just continues to grow,  With such poverty and poor nutrition when growing up, teeth really suffer,.  we are just about finished the donations we had for this , and yet so many more are in need.  We have come to the point that we bring them to the dentist and say fix what is immediate pain, and give us a quote on what is left .. I just can't stand to think of people dealing with debilitating tooth pain .. right now just to cover the those that we have started with dental care $2000   

We were involved with a few operations more then we had expected .  Not always do we have time to find sponsors because of immediate life threatening conditions like our your friend  Omute, her  operation was $300, another for one of the men Jenish helps was $200 ,  that was just in the last 2 days we were there , and the day we left , we were asked to help an 8 year old boy who had fallen off a 5th floor roof, and we simply had no money left, and no time to find help... even if we could replace  our emergency medical fund that is now dry ......... $500 

For a long time we have struggled to keep Olga's school open ... it is a special school that focuses on kids with learning disabilities.  But it is also a center that provides extra help for many children who have simply fallen through the cracks .  along with teaching, Olga also works on the governments committee that tries to help with children and families that are at risk of the children being in orphanages.  Olga tries to operate on a balanced budget, but when your clients are in such need, and with winter heat bills, things just don't add up... We step in to help when we can , but things would be so much less stress full , and they could all work so much more productive to support the over 40 families that they help now if funds where not so tight all the time .. we would like to find........... monthly sponsors for the center of  $400 / month 

This next need is one that is a touchy one .  because of the nature of this need , I can not share it openly , but what I can tell you is that it is of the utmost importance with out a doubt.. It is so important that instantly when we were asked to help with this need , we made the decision to to begin with our own funds .. we have advanced the first $300 to get started , and provide the safety necessary, but this project will still need another approx. $700 to be done right .  It's funny , I can not express enough the importance of this and at the same time I can not share openly what the need is .. if you are interested in helping with this , I will gladly discuss it with you on email , or send me your phone number and I will call and discuss it on the phone  .......... mystery project  $1000

Since 2007 when we first started working with Vlady, he has driven the same 30 year old car all that time .   Vladys wife is the Heart specialist in Tokmok and works as a GP for us and will come to our help any time any where ...  if you look at the blog over the last 5 or 7 years you will see that car moving everything ... food , animals, kids, bricks and blocks , lumber and paint .. you name it and Vlady has hauled it for us.  inside , on top .. and dragged along behind , That car like Vlady has worked to be a blessing to so many of us , and many of you .. I have never seen anyone be more careful of a car, but finally it has given up.  We may be able to do a temporary patch, but the time has come that we need to do something .  He is using our car right now, but that will not last him long with the amount of work that he does .  We think that it is time that we see if we can raise the funds to purchase a truck for Vlady.  We will sell our own car and add to it to get a small truck for him.  this will be such a blessing not only to Vlady but all the humanitarian efforts that he is involved in ..  When we ask Vlady what his vision is for his ministry, he says   " I just want to help any one in any way if they are working to help others"  All the time we have known Vlady and Tatyana , they have lived that out .............   Truck for Vlady $6000

It has been a long winter , and despite the many teams that we have had and the food drops that they have assisted in, it looks like we will need to do one more before the winter is over.   Along with families this time we need to bring more food to a couple of the orphanages that we have identified as well as the seniors home, rehab center , and some of the students and at risk families ,just to cover a small drop where needed, we will need $3000 

As you know , Jenish has been working with the homeless to bring food and basic medical aid .    winter is still not over and we have about 40 people that they are helping even at $1 a day 3 days a week .. we are looking at , just to make it through the winter .    8 weeks total food cost $960

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