Thursday, January 23, 2014

Because some one has to care !

Jenish and his boys are back on the streets .    

Very few homeless last the winter living on the streets .  The winter is harsh, and the society around them is even harsher many suffer and die of starvation , exposure infections and burns from trying to keep warm.  Many small ailments left untreated become life threatening  .  The police offer little care or protection, and the average person has a hard time fending for themselves.   There are few organizations that are willing to help.   

 Kanibek has been there , and has the t-shirt... that's why he sees it as his duty to help those less fortunate . Jenish helped him off the streets several years ago. and Today he offers hope and a way out to many . 

Tonight , he and Jenish have cooked a nice meal and are walking the streets of Bishkek finding those in need . 

A hot meal is provided, as well as many will receive new to them shoes .  

more then a little meal, this is a glimmer of light in a dark place . 
There are an estimated 3500 homeless in Bishkek on any given night .. there are 150 shelter beds available ...

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