Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"3 months then you go to the freezer "

Over the last few weeks , we have posted a lot of fun pictures .. events that are full of HOPE.  It has been such a blessing to be able to be the ones that have been able to bring this hope to an otherwise hopeless society.  Some times we are able to block out the daily struggle of the world around us, but other times , the cold harsh reality of this world hits us like a ton of bricks.  Many of these trials are just under the surface every day here.  As things slow down a little , we start processing what we have seen and experienced, and are now spending our days returning to help where we are able .. families, individuals, kids who are not doing so well , kids missing and kids that are sick .. we are doing our best to reach as many of them as we can.
Working with the homeless and the addicts,  Jengish has has seen it all.  Every day his phone rings with people needing help. When in Bishkek he is putting out fires in Tokmok and when in Tokmok he is trying to solve issues in |Bishkek . Yesterday , Jengish was taken off guard a little .  

We were delivering oranges after the bubble show, and Jenish was on his way up to the infirmary section with one of the guys  to bring " sunshine to them "

 As he was climbing the stairs to this section, he asked the guy bringing him there where they were going .. he was told    " To the sick section .. where you go when you are sick .."  he asked , " how long do they stay there ?"    he was told " YOU GET TO STAY HERE ABOUT THREE MONTHS , THEN YOU GO TO THE FREEZER".

Its difficult to process that,  what struck me was the mater of fact way that he was told this .  I can't imagine what it would be like living your life knowing that this is the common exit rout.    We have been able to accomplish sooo much here  over the last 6 years , and maybe 6 years ago we would not even notice something like this, but it sure serves as a stark reminder that so much more needs to be done.

WE will continue to bring hope and dignity to our many fiends  in need here in Kyrgyzstan, and with the help of so many other organizations and individuals like your selves,  We will continue to rout out those who have fallen through the cracks, or have given up the will to continue .     Some times we just need to keep telling ourselves that ....

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