Monday, August 12, 2013

Your opportunity to Help and encourage Emma .

As parents we are so proud of our girls, and the burden they have to come beside the hurting helpless and lost in Kyrgyzstan.  they have such a drive and motivation to reach out, and reach down to literally be the difference between life and death to some of those they help.. We say that they are child advocates,  but it is so much more then that .. you would have to be there and see the kids when they see Emma , or be there and listen as her phone rings constantly with kids that just want to hear her voice.. like I say she has become more then an advocate , she is a friend , and she is their family. 

Unfortunately our pride in what they do , and there drive and motivation is not enough , they need your support.  And what is more difficult is that they better they do and the more that they accomplish, the greater the resources that they need .    

Bekah has had an boost in her work from iam1ru, as a dream agent, s he has been able to help so many.  Emma has managed to stay on the ground as long as she has because of the help of Give first Ministries, but they need more . 

We needed to figure out some way to keep them on the ground doing what they do . They NEED monthly sponsorship of some sort so that they can be more effective when the needs arise.  I think of a time in the scriptures when Moses was fighting with God , thinking that he was not equipped , God simply said " Moses what is in your hand "    We have each been given talents and  experiences that God intends for us to draw from .. Emma's talent is her art .  So that is what she is laying out before you today 

We have professionally made prints on Canvas of her work shown below.

  If you would like your very own print, simply sign up for a monthly sponsorship of Emma at what ever amount you feel led, and we will send you a print of your choice.   Emma returns to Kyrgyzstan Saturday, so as a special bonus, any one who signs up for monthly sponsorship before Friday, will have there print signed as well .

Please indicate the print number when signing up using the monthly donate buttons on the right hand side of the blog 

Print #1   size 9"X 12"  A beautiful  Kyrgyz Babushka that is dear to Emma .

Print #2   size 10 1/2" X 12"   The babushka of one of the young girls Emma works with.   We got to know this Babushka when she was living in the seniors home we support .

Print # 3 size 10 1/2" X 14"    This was a scene was from a fantastic night when we took a group of kids from the orphanage to a yurt camp on the side of Lake Issyk Kul .

 Print #4   size 13 1/2" X 20"  A mountain yurt scene , depicting traditional life in the mountains 

Print #5    size 16" X 20"   This is a mountain scene on the way up to the hot springs where we stop for a picnic with those we are taking to the hot springs ...


Hubs said...

Hello, I understand the need to get monthly sponsors. But I was wondering if you would consider selling the prints for one-time donations?

Julie and John Wright said...

yes she would most definitely be open to that as well ..