Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1/2 way there

Reaching out to the community is what our friend era does the best .    from he little outreach centre in the centre of town, she and her husband are able to do amazing things .  They run a drug and alcohol rehab centre, a seniors feeding program, a kids summer camp, and so much more .  they also reach out to the neighbouring communities and offer up hope and love.     Here below  is an example of the kind of impact they are having .  this was in the local town hall when they were putting on a concert for the kids in the village.

I shared a few days ago that she is now trying to open a centre in a neighbouring village .   They have a family that has been training with them for some time now and is ready to take on this project.  Vera and her husband will continue to be active and have over-site .  They attempted to rent a location to start, but were not able to find a location, but they have found a house for sale that they could use as a centre ..   $3000 is all that the need to close the deal.  Now as an added bonus, a donor over at www.iam1ru.com has offered to match any donations up to $1500  .. We need to move quickly on this as the price will likely go up as is often the case .     if you would like to be part of this opportunity to reach out to an entire village  , and have your donation doubled , please act now.  .. one your donation please indicate "outreach centre "

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