Friday, August 16, 2013

Fair well to the girls

There have been lost of good buys over the last couple days ,  We had friends from our church come to the house a couple days ago , it was nice for them to have a little send off with the girls . 

Jen was the girls youth leader as they were growing up, and continues to have a special place in their hearts .. They learned so much from her and she is part of who they are today .. it was extra special that she was able to make it out for the send off . 
Tonight we had supper with Benjam and Rachel , and the girls said there fair wells to their  nephews , then it was off to the hospital to have a last visit with Julie's dad before they go . 
We are busy packing tonight with Emma and Bekah ,    They are very excited to be returning to their beloved Kyrgyzstan.    They have so much to do as soon as they land , many little details to take care of as we prepare for three teams coming over.
   As usual, things start to heat up a bit as we are preparing to head over .    With back to school just around the corner there is always a lot of stress .. for us as well .. we have many students that we help with their tuition, and we still have a short fall , and could really use some help ..  I think tomorrow I will do a little recap of all the projects we are working on, and where we stand with the financing of each .. but you know that the needs never end .. a few hours ago one of our key workers had her car stolen right out of her yard.. I guess her house was broken into a few days ago, and they must have gotten a key then .  Earlier today I had a Face book visit with a dear young friend of ours who is at University.  He was working in another country  , and managed to get swindled out of his tuition money by his employer.. now he is facing a huge debt from  his summer living expenses , as well as has no money to finish school .. just one year left .. but now no means, not even money to get back to Kyrgyzstan    ... This is just the beginning .. it is going to get harder and harder over the next few weeks .. Please pray that we will have wisdom and show Mercy., and the funds to back it up.

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