Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lots of Happy kids

Bekah delivering the news that sponsors have come forward to help make it possible for this beautiful young lady to go to University ...
 Back to school can be such an emotional and stress full time for kids everywhere .., Do they have the right back to school outfit, the newest electronic gadget, the coolest binder and the neatest pencil set ..  so many things to think about ...   How about if they were thinking about .. will the school except me even though I only have  40 % of the tuition, I don't have a school uniform so I can't go, I still have 2 pages left in my work book from last year that should last me a couple days , and I wonder if I can borrow a pencil from someone .  

I am always overwhelmed by the contrast between our home in Canada and our home in Kyrgyzstan .  But what is the biggest  contrast is some times the attitude of the kids .. and I was no different when I was a kid .. the dread of returning to school in the fall .. Yet in Kyrgyzstan, the kids are so excited , they know and understand that the only way to break a cycle of poverty is to get a good education.. they appreciate every opportunity that they get .  Its not about the extras , heck , its not even about having the basics.. its simply about being able to show up ...

That's I guess what makes it that much more special when we are able to do the little things to help the kids get ready .. topping off a tuition payment here , books there , maybe a pair of shoes as there old ones fell apart over the summer.. for each child its a different need , but the result is the same .
Gratitude , and Joy .. all you have to do is look at the faces and you can see .

New shoes

a pretty exciting day at the bazaar with Emma .
Once again , a great big thank you to every one who sponsored today shopping trip .

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