Thursday, August 29, 2013

More fun with the kids

 This afternoon The girls went with Sergey and Anya out to one of the orphanages to spend some time with the kids .  they had a great time , They had prepared some crafts for them, and Anya had colected up some school clothes for them .  They were so happy to see that Emma and Bekah were back inn Kyrgyzstan .

Uri showing us his masterpiece with Bekah , Anya and Sergey

 They all got in on the action .  what a fun time . 

At this orphanage we have 6 kids like Uri here , that need sponsors for school .  Tuition there is $375 each for the year .  They attend one of the private schools there .  The education aside , this school the kids from the orphanage are treated much better and are not picked on or bullied because they are from an orphanage .    Being treated with a little dignity is such a wonderful thing, we are so happy that we we have the opportunity to help.

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