Monday, August 26, 2013

More back to school shopping

More back to school shopping with some of the kids .  Victor on the right lives waayyyyyyy out of town down the tracks , so it took a couple days to get a hold of him .. he is always so happy to see Emma , and especially happy to get what he needs for school .    Kola on the left told Emma that he would be ok with out clothes this year, but was wondering if we could help him with his tuition ,  it is $115 for the year for a grade 10 & 11 double credit, in a collage prep school .  he will major in cooking for the year , then go on to University next year .  Emma told him we will help with the school, and bought him a few things he needed any ways .  

Kola,  Emma, and Victor at the Bazaar

victor picking out his school books

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