Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dad we're not gonna have enough for everyone :(

 This is always a difficult time for us .. back to school and all the costs included with that .  We max out our budget helping those in need, but then we hear of others who need some help, and then there are those who may be in trouble and are out there some where .. Do we still seek them out to make sure they are ok , even though we may not have the resources to help once we find them ?  Yes we have to try ,  that's what makes it so difficult ..  Emma and Bekah have been busy helping kids get settled for the new school year , and at the same time finding more and more kids in need .  We know we can not help them all , it would just be nice if it was someone elses responsibility to decide who's not getting help.  
 .. here is an example of a few excerpts  from this mornings updates from the girls 

 36 minutes ago
also the university isn't really giving scholarships or anything this year..
Ilyas has to pay the full amount
he can work 10,000 off for the university but he will have 40,000 more
so he has another 40,000 he needs to pay ($833)
and there is one girl that is a really good student but only has a mother and she was counting on her scholarship that they gave her last year and she didn't get it.. and she is short 200 bucks
dad we're not gonna have enough for everyone :(
4 hours ago
I went with Kolya to pay for his school stuff here's the receipts.
I asked him about Anya , I dont know what really happened, but this is her side of the story...
Kolya said their was some kind of difficulty  She was 18 and had to leave the orphanage and she couldnt go to school because her sponsors  decided not to sponsor her anymore. so she went to live with her dad somewhere in tokmok who inst actually her dad, but he said she cant live there anymore
so now Kolya hasn't heard from her and doesn't know where she's living. she was going to try to find an apartment to rent and find work. He said he would try calling her again and let me know
about an hour ago
ok so bekah just  talked to her and she is going to go to school somewhere in tokmok. I guess she got things figured out.. we will find out more and get back to you .
Elmira from Beikut orphanage just called and  asked if we can help them again with back to school shopping ?

please pray for wisdom for us as we figure out who we are to help ... and who we can't ..

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