Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update from the girls

 As is often the case , the girls hit the ground running , in fact they did not even wait to hit the ground .  As soon as they reached the Moscow airport, Bekah began making arrangements for when they arrived , complete with setting up Dr's appointments for some of the kids that she knew were not feeling well .  They landed at 5:15 am and by 9 am they were in full swing. 

  Before we left in the spring, I had arranged a day up at the lake with everyone when we got back , A time of rest for them, a time of jet leg for us and a time to have a good visit before getting back to work .. We were sad not to be able to make it, but the girls had a great time with everyone . 

Baktagul and Acel enjoying the sun

Yesterday the girls were at the bazaar , starting the back to school shopping with Emma's kids .  The bazaar was not as bad as we thought it would be , there is just one main section that is destroyed by fire , but Emma says that they are already busy cleaning it up . 

Today she had Aibek and his little cousin shopping . Monday she will have Victor and a few others .

Aibek and his Little cousin Adep with Emma and Bekah at the Bazaar
Here is the report from Emma from today's shopping ..  I thought that some of you might be interested in what a back to school shopping might cost there ... $1 US is equal to 48 com

for Adep- 300c running shoes 500c sport's costume and underwear 250c back pack 350c dress shoes for
Aibek- 150c back pack 400c running shoes 600c sports costume 500c black pants 150c taxi, ice cream and juice total 3200 = $67 US
they said they could buy books and stuff themselves in the village
3 hours ago

Report · 6:05pm
thanks Emma , that's great

Report · 6:34pm
what was it like at the bazaar

Report · 6:53pm
it was fine, there is one isle that is burned out
where the flour was
but they are already re doing that whole section
... not the flour that was on the other side of the road that we go to, the part that was inside the bazaar

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