Friday, August 30, 2013

All dressed up and no where to go !

Today's we are facing a bit of a dilemma .  We have a small orphanage of kids that desperately want to attend a special school .  It is one of the best schools , both academically and morally in the city.  but that's not why the kids want to go there .  Its because for an orphan to attend a regular school, they are instantly the focus of all kind of cruelty.    We talk a lot about bullying here in North America, but what we see here is nothing compared to what these kids face from other children , the teachers, and the society.  Life has been hard enough for them, WE have to do what ever we can to provide a safe caring environment for them .   We have a few of them sponsored now, and six more to go, but that's just the older kids , the younger ones are not going because it is too far for them to walk... but the little ones , the most vulnerable, they are the ones that we should be advocating the hardest for ..  Emma keeps reminding me of this , and again this morning she tells me ,  If we had bus money for them they could go.. .. I checked and for bus money for an entire school year would be $66 per child... but here is the dilemma,     Tuition for an entire year is $375,  so for every child sponsored for $66 for the bus, we need to find another $375 for the tuition.

I recognize that I have been posting a lot of financial requests these last few weeks , and I am so sorry, ( I am Canadian after all LOL) but the needs right now are just so overwhelming .  We are a voice for those with no voice, and to see so many living on the edge , when for a comparatively small amount we can make a difference, its hard not to ask.

 A few weeks ago we were at a function, and a very well respected , long time missionary was there .  To my thinking he is one of those guys who would be so well established that he would be able to just focus on the task  at hand .   He is a Man on a journey that they have produced movies about , yet when some one asked him " Whats the hardest thing about your work " , his answer both shocked and discouraged me .

What we all expected him to say was something like  " looking into the face of a sick or dying child, or maybe fighting to get young boys and girls out of slavery"  but NO his response was ... " I hate that my life is spent begging for money .. its hard , its humbling, and it gets tiring "  but he went on to say , I just have to keep my eye on the people I represent ...

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