Thursday, August 08, 2013

Here and there

I think that the number one reason that people become photographers is that they hate to have their picture taken , and if they are taking the picture they are not in it .  I try so hard to have Jengish in the photos, but he just does not get it .. but he does take a good picture .. 

Last week we had Jengish track down Slavic.   The always go home for the summers, and his is not a very good one .  It was offered to he and his sister to live at Jeremiah house , but Slavic would not stay, but his sister did .  So when Jengish found him, he was not in great shape, and did not want to be seen in public, so Jengish gave him a couple days and then went back with his sister and got him .  They went out for supper, then to a movie ..It's just such a special thing when you know that someone out there cares about you.. and that's the message that Jengish brought . 

we were back on the road again .. we went to visit some awesome friends in the finger lakes of New York .  When we arrived the kids came running 

We also got a message from Acel this week that Baktagul has passed her entrance exam and has been excepted at the medical collage in Tokmok.  we are so excited for her about this .

they coxed me onto the trampoline with them ... now just guess how high they went when I landed hahaha 
they loved storey time with Emma 

We had an opertunity to spend some time with there whole family... what a blessing it was 

my favorite part of the weekend was when my young friend climbed up on my lap and said " Tell me a storey of when we were in Kyrgyzstan together "

I got an email from Vera at the centre in Orlofka.  They have started another round of kids camp, thanks to a sponsor from  .  She has also been sharing with me about a project that we are wanting to help her with .  The work that she does in Orlofka is incredible.  She has even received recognition from the mayors office for the work she does with the kids , the homeless, the seniors, and even those suffering from addictions..   all in all the accomplishments are over whelming .  All this time they have been working with a couple that they have been training, and they are now ready to start the work in a new village.  This couple will move there and start "a new work".    They have faced the first big hurdle. they can not find anyone that will rent to them, but they have found a house that would make a great "Centre"  they are just short the $3000 that it will take to purchase it and be up and running ..  Its the type of thing that we would love to be able to help them with ... with all our spare change ..haha..     If anyone out there has an interest or knows some one that would be interested in being the benefactor for this great work , email me at, and I will share more details with you .

We are very excited that we will be heading to the city of Espanola this weekend .  We have some truly inspiring sponsors there .  we are always so blessed and encouraged when we spend time wit them , so it will a great place to spend the last weekend before the girls head back next week .  if you are in the Espanola area, we would love to see you at the Lighthouse Sunday morning .  We will be sharing about some of the experiences of Emma and Bekah's .. the message will be titled " BUT DAD "

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