Saturday, March 27, 2010

womens party

If you wonder why sudenly  I am able to get cought up on my blogging, it is because I have been banished to my room !... Today we are having a special day for many of the women here that are friends of Acel's... last year when we were her, it was the first time that they had a day that was just for them... It is common for the Russian ladies to get together more, but for the traditional Kyrgyz women, this is an incredible treat.   So today started off with a breakfast meating with Sergey and Anya, then it was poff to the bazzar to pick up food packets and small presemnts for the women.. Many of them come from very poor homes, food is almost considered a luxary.. I am hearing that the average family here is now spending as much as 90% of their income on food, and at that they are eating less then half of what they did say 10 years ago... so a small food packet is the greatest way to let them know that we care...
the party started at 12:00 at the resteraunt... while they were there, I got the appartment ready... and made tea, hot chocolate and coffee for them as well as set out cakes, cookies, and candies.. then after lunch, they all came back to the appartment where it would be a little more personal then talking in a public building.. so they have arrived here, and I am now banished... I am on the corner of the bed... that is piled high with food packages for them all... next, I think I am going to sleep.... tonight we have a dinner party planed with all our workers here on the ground... then Julie, Bekah and Jody head for the airport at 2:00 am... then maybe I will take a day or two off...NOT..hahahaha

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