Thursday, March 04, 2010

Such Potential

I was talking to Anya this morning... She was having a heave heart moment and needed a shoulder to cry on... It always seems to happen like this that as the winter starts to fade away, the emotions rise to the top... It's like when you were a kid and something bad would happen at school, and you held it together ...until you got to the safety of your mothers arms and then it all came out... It has been a long few days for Anya as she has mad the rounds for us. I think that just maybe my phone call was that "safe" caring voice that she needed.... I know that what was the breaking point for her would have been OK on it's own, but it was just that.... a breaking point.
She has stopped to visit one of our kids... he had left the orphanage when it closed back at Christmas, and has been living with his Grandmother... any time they had met with Anya, it had been in town, but today they went to her home... The home was very organized and nice, but it was only 1 very small room that they both lived in ... there was nothing extra... The Babushka is Deaf and is able to read lips... a little... Our young friend has been struggling with school... or at least struggling to show up for school is more like it, and now the police are involved. Anya wanted to have a little talk with him to try to get him on the right track....
When she went into the house, she was overwhelmed.. the Babushka is a wonderful artist, and would have no problem supporting themselves with her art, but she has been giving her art away, and not charging... It never occurred to her that she could sell it, and that this might be a way for them to earn the little extra that they need so that she could keep her grandson out of the orphanage.
Some times people get into that place were they just can't see the opportunities around them... I guess this is what set Anya off... to think of all the struggles this little family has goon through, and All it would have taken is someone to spend a little time with them and "market " her talent.
Anya already has plans in place to find a dealer in the capital to sell her art for her, as well she is going to help set things up for the Babushka to teach Art lessons. This will be something that Emma will be able to help with when she gets there... We just had a donation from Emma's youth group, and had used it to get the supplies she needed to set up art classes.
Anya did finish off our conversation by telling me " Oh ya ... you bought one of her paintings for your apartment... You gave her $25 and she cried..."

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Jack and Carol Wessel said...

Such amazing talent! A true gift from Him.