Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Because we know them !

For our readers from Canada , you will no doubt be following the storey, but for those not, I will fill you in ..

Yesterday afternoon, one of our Provincial police constables was pulling over a truck with concern of potential domestic violence. When he approached the truck, he was shot point blank, and passed away... right away it was on the news . The accounts told of the officer being a great man.. 15 year veteran on the force, a loving family, active in his community , and a deacon in his local church, a life style he lived out all week...
News like this is upsetting .. there is never a good time... it stays in the back of our minds for a bit, but life goes on...
This morning we learned that the officer was a closs friend of very good friends of PI... A couple that have traveled extensively with Pi around the world... I have had the privilege of being on several trips with them... If those you keep company with is any indication of what type of person you are, this officer was truly a great man..
Taking one for the kids... despite an incredible fever of heights, our friend takes a group of orphan's on a Farris wheel... hence the white knuckles
So why do I bring this up now ? I was discussing with a friend this morning that for some reason, situations take on a whole new meaning when we get to know people and their stories... Is this tragedy any worse now then it was before we new the connection ? yet now I see things from a new perspective.
I shared last fall how it donned on me that I would go into an orphanage scanning the faces of 200 kids looking for the one... I go into a hospital, walking past hundreds to stop at the bed side of of one. I am remained again of the storey of the Sheppard who would leave the 99 sheep to go help the one lost lamb.... as the pace starts to pick up for us this trip... I will be making a conscious effort to take the time to stop for the one in front of us... and get to know them ..

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