Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Our friends from LAMb went out to the invalid home today to bring a food drop... With them they brought a Dr friend of theirs to give an assessment... We have seen so much in the past that it is difficult to be objective... I know things are bad, but compared to what they were, things are so much better now... but that did not count for much when the assessment came in... they write:

When you see their faces, touch their hands, exchange their smiles, you know it is why you have come. Over 250 men live at the home for disabled men! Over 250 who are waiting each day for someone to care. The staff care, the doctors care, the director cares, but who else? You see their needs so clearly and you are quickly overwhelmed.

* serious outbreak of lice
* rooms in wrecked conditions
* only one sheet per bed - no washing machine or dryer in the facility
* wash a bed by hand and wait for them to dry - days? where does one sleep in the meantime?
* cups rusting - lead lined
* not enough bowls for each person to eat
* a few rusty spoons
* no hot water for showers - well no showers - only a few old tubs
* broken toilets
* room after room without electricity - in the halls only
* no reading items, no crafts, nothing to do

No point in going on. The new director borrowed $1,000 to start some work - the men are painting six room and they look good. This brings dignity - they have a purpose. How can we help? Paint? Funds? Floor coverings? Spoons? Cups? Might you have an idea? We are OVERWHELMED and in that moment of sadness that sometimes comes upon us in those dark moments of the night. What can we do?

Lynn and Ruby ....I really am not sure how to answer that... I have been their many times and come away feeling the same desperation... I guess what I keep telling myself is "We need to do what we can ... and before you know it we will be doing what others said could not be done." .. That said, we only have a very small budget for more repairs and supplied when we get there... I am afraid that it is not much... we will trust that it will expand !... I know that this week, Jody's husband Roger will be hosting an event to try to raise funds to help there as well. These men are dear to my heart.... I will spread the word.. we still have a week before we leave ... we may be able to do more........

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