Monday, March 22, 2010

Roller coaster of emotions

We had a great day today... we started off with a nice breakfast at the guest house in the capital... We are looked after so well by the owner there .. she is always so happy to see us . We gave her a couple of the blankets that Aigoola made, not only was it a nice present for her , but may lead to some orders when others see how nice they are.
Our first stop was to Swetly poot orphanage to pick up some Kyrgyz crafts.. They were pretty happy to see us. They have been busy making lots of new crafts, but not many people have been there to buy anything for them. They remembered me as the man that came in last fall with the computer and had a lady in America buy everything they had... so they were pretty happy when we cleaned them out again... We then went over to a coffee shop the excuse was that it has a very nice gift shop attached and has a lot of traffic through... we have the idea of getting space in the shop where we could put the stuff from the orphanage on consignment. But yes the coffee was GOOD.... From there , Emma and Bekah went off with Altynai to meat one of Altynais teachers at an event for youth.
After coffee we went to a Chinese restaurants were we met up with our friend Kyle and his wife.. It was great to see them again and have a little visit with them.. We traded some projects for each other to work on, then did a little shopping for one of the orphanages on the way home
The girls took a taxi over to meat up with us. We loaded up the grocery cart with a massive amount of milk and cheese. I don't know who was happier, the kids at the orphanage or the lady at the store. We went around giving out cheese to the kids. This orphanage is one that the kids go to when they are having physical behavioral or emotional issues... As we went into the last room, there was Isat... one of our kids... we were so happy to see him , then suddenly we realized that he was not all was obvious to us that he has been medicated... we all just felt like crying .. Anya was seeing red .. This is not where we thought he was or where he should be... Isar had a special relationship with him from all the time we spent with him at the orphanage, so we went out and brought him in for a visit... he was just as disturbed as us. Anya and I will go back next week.. when the holidays are over, and talk to the director to make sure that they get his med's balanced out... But I must say, it sure put a damper on things for us when we saw him there... Now we are home again, and have half an hour to get ready for supper.. we are invited out.. we will try to put this a side for now, put on our happy faces, and go out and have a good night....

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