Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Number ONE dream !

During our visit to the Kemin seniors home we had the opportunity to bring gifts for each of the people living in this home. Some of our friends from Canada have been knitting and crocheting up a storm and we dropped off beautiful blankets for the beds and also some lap blankets. For some time now we have been taking orphans shopping for new clothes and we thought that it would be nice for these seniors to have something new as well. We asked the director what she thought would be best and she said sports suits for the men and sweaters for the ladies. Of course socks, underwear and slippers/shoes were on the list as well. We were able to purchase the sports suits for the men and sweaters for the women and a pair of socks for each of them.

One of the babushka's has touched our hearts with her animated personality and she seems to speak for all of the seniors with a smile or tears. We had a special gift for Anna - a new head scarf. We could not have known when we were planning this small gift for her that it would have been such a blessing for her. Through our translator we disovered that Anna had a number one dream - a new, clean head scarf. When she received this small gift she was so excited she immediately removed her old scarf to show us how dirty it was and also full of holes. She kept telling us that this was her number one dream. Since that moment I have been thinking about what my number one dream might be. What could you do for me that would bring tears to my eyes and cause me to exclaim 'this is my number one dream, did my god tell you about this?'. Hmmm, my number one dream . . .

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Anonymous said...

In the Western World we have many dreams.....but just one? then that would have to be that each day we could make someone smile as much as Anna does....just one.... at least one.

Dan :)