Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lots happening at the invalid home

There is a new director at the invalid home, and he is really working to make things better for the men there.  We have had a good talk with him, and he and Laurisa are imbarking on the largest project there yet... We are so thrilled to be a part of this...
The director had agreed to give Laurisa one entire wing of the home on the ground floor... I have taken teams into this section in the past, and it has been there brealing point .. it was so bad that I could not even begin to describ it, and if I could I would not because I would not want to offend... some things are best left un said.... This wing was one of those... So you ask why we would be so excited about this...?... In the masters hands, all things can turn pure as gold... and Laurisa is a fine representative of the master... This wing will house the new library, the craft room, the phyotherapy room, the excercise room, the music room, as well as a sewing room, a shoe repair shop, as well as a meeting room for laurisa when she is there... We started by helping cover off the cost of some of the materials that they had started the project with... paint, cement / plaster...
Then we purchased all the flooring for the entire wing... of cource we were no were to be seen when Laurisa worked her magic and got the most incredible price... The men are all buisy with the repares and renovations... they even were able to get curtains.. This section has been biuilt on faith,   By the end of the week, the entire section will be compleated and ready to start setting up each room.... We have everything for the craft room, so they will start there, and as we are able to find suport for her we will be able to continue the work... I love that they now have a vision... they have Hope.. and despite the situation the men have been given back some dignity... So far to go, but you can see that it is possible... We even have a little girl in America who is having a birthday tomorrow, and she had seen the post a while back about the old rusty cups the men are using.. she is now raising funds for us to purchase new cups... I now have a start on that with 100 brand new cups in our appartment right now to give to Laurisa when we see her tonight.  
  As hopefull as things are for them, I do still battle a little in myself... I keep hearing them telll us things like... " Thank you so much... we can not thank you enough... because you came, we are still alive"... some times I wonder if that is doing them a favor....I can only hope that as they continue to improve,  that one day they will reach a place that they will truly have a peace and a joy return ....if not for the first time in their lives... Some times things we see are just difficult to make sence of.. They told me that when I am not here they try to think of what they could ever do as a gift for me... I told them that the greatest thing that they could do for me is to share with others the way that we have shared with them... to love and to care for those around them that are strugling... and together.. we will see a greater future... That would make me very happy!

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Anonymous said...

You are Masters at "paying it forward" its something that is contageous, so I agree, the greatest gift is the example of giving without receiving, giving to those that you have no idea if the deserve it or not, giving ones story, giving ones hope, giving ones laughter and most of all giving unconditional love.....unconditional truly.

You bless us beyond compare


Dan & Ingrid