Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dump Run

Here are a few photos from the Dump... I have some realyy good video of our time with them , but am having isues with Blogger right now, so will try later to send them ... We are having to email our reports in to the blog now, so I can not describe what is happening in each shot, but when you look at them as a whole, you will get the idea of what it is like
What you do not see is the gratitude from these wonderful people.. not just for today, but they were almost in tears when they were telling us how special it was for them to get to celebrate Christmas thanks to so many of you... they took us to show us the spot that the banquet feast was set up, and shared how even "Santa" arrived and brought gifts for their kids....
While standing in the cold blustery wind of the dump, winds swirling around us blowing all forms of who knows what... against the back drop of mounds of over sorted garbage and the cold gray of the mountains, they told us that " God has not forgoten us"... Some times I wonder if there faith is greater then mine... how many of us would feel this way if this was our lives?

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Anonymous said...

wow. Coming from such a country that we are germaphobic, how can you not weep to see that this dump site is the feeding grounds not only for the people but for the cattle as well, which in turn will most likely be a source of food/help at some point. My prayers are with you all there is no doubt you are doing the Lords work and He is there among you.
Debilyn Jordan from Espanola,Ontario