Friday, March 26, 2010

Croceries for the new rehab centre

I Just want to start this post by saying that we are having dificulties with Blogger.. it does not work until about 10:00 pm... and by that time, I Just don't seem to have any energy left... I can email into the blog to be automaticly posted, but the letters are black and so is the background ... I will try sending this post in white letters... but then I have a hard time reading what I am writing..hahaa...
One of our friends here in Tokmok has just opened a rehab centre... one thing that there is no shortage of is people needing help with adictions.  When doing a needs assesment when we first got here , Sergey shared with us that this centre was now open, but they did not have a lot of financial suport, and were having a difficult time feeding everyone.  We decided to contact them and take them shopping for a few supplies... we called the night before to speak to the director.. He was very happy to here we were going to help... what we found out the next day is that only minutes before we had called, the director had been on the phone trying to find help because he had just run out of food.... That will not be a concern for them for some time ! we took them on a power shop... I have found out that Jody's greatest spiratule gift shopping.... I have included a photo of an old lady at the bazar.... ust because we thought she looked so interesting... I would love to here her storey.

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