Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sewing school

Aiperie attends a sewing school here in the town, just around the corner from our appartment. She is doing very well, and in fact she is the leader of her group at the school... this is a group of about 30 students.  We run into them time to time in town, as they are so close... This started the questions for Aiperie... who are they, why are they here , and how do you know them... when they heard that we were from Canada , they were facinated, and had so many questions for her... It gave her an oppertunity to open up to them and to share her past.. They could not believe that she was from an orphanage.. they thought that she always had a good life, and thought that the reason she was always happy was that she never had bad things in her life... She had opertunity to share with them some of the many stories that she should not be able to tell at such a young age... She then told them that maybe some of their questios they should ask as themselves... So we arranged for a dinner party for them at a local resteraunt.
 Many of these girls are from very remote vilages, and have been sent to town for an education and to experience the out side world.. they have come from very restricted lives... I remember last fall when I was introduced to one of them, I asked how she liked coming to town for school... she just started to cry.. she said that she was so overwhelmed .. she did not know any one, and she came from a village where they did not even have cars.. and this was just to much for her... she said that she went home, but her parents made her com back... I had an opertunity to speak with her and  let her know that things would be oK , and that she had a good friend in Aiperie and she would be there to help her.... I was glad to see this girl  at the party, and she was just beeming when she saw me ... she says that she now loves her new life.
   They entire night , the kids were full of questions... We started off with a small gift of hand made teddy bears for them in little stuff sacks that included  a tooth brush, tooth past, soap , and shampoo ... once we had all ordered ( I am sure for some it was the first time for them to order there own meal ) we took turns standing up and telling good thngs about the person to our left as we introduced them... They were scared at first, but by the time we got around, they had all opened up... Altynai did a fantastic job translating for us in three different languages.. Loud clear and full of confidence... that in itself was a blessing for us to see...
  After the meal came, we were all GRILLED by them for about an hour... so many questions... it was such a fun night... Now they will be sure to be watching for Emma as she passes their school each day on her way to teach...  

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