Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last day in Kyrgyzstan for Jengish and Emma before heading state side.

Still lots going on in Kyrgyzstan .   The needs were met for the family that almost lost their home .. Larisa and Tanya went and secured all the documents to make sure everything secure for them in the future , 

Then Emma and Jengish brought the money and went with them pay the debt and get the deed of the home for them

Emma and Jengish took one last walk around the farm before heading to Canada and the US for a month 

the boys built a new feeding trough for the Dairy cows 

They got the grinder working again.  We had to get a new motor for it .  Then they got caught up with the grain grinding for the animals 

And here is some big news ... Goosey laid three eggs so far. 

Marat is learning how to wire in a circulating fan 

Marat out working in the barn 

Myrlan and Aigoola double grinding some grain for cooking

Nurlan was cleaning the cow barn 

While in Canada we will be cooking several Kyrgz meals as we travel around, and what is a meal with out all the candy , So they are bringing a suit case of candy with them.

This week it was Nicks birthday , so Bekah made sure that he got a cake , and a little fuss made .. 

then it was off to the airport.  They were wheels up about 2 hours ago and will be travelling for 32 hours.  When they land in Canada we will head strait for Cincinatti for the weekend 

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