Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I♥ life on "The Farm" Kyrgyzstan

 I made up a couple of these t-shirts for Jengish and I while we are sharing about "The Farm" over the next month, and had a lot of interest in them. 

Lots of people have said we should do this as a fund raiser, but we figure any one who would like one of these has already invested in us, and their is already on The Farm.   We have decided to offer them at cost.  They can be printed and direct shipped to you for just $15 US a shirt.   If you would like one, just use the paypal button below.  be sure to use the drop down box to select size and style. 

I life on "The Farm" Kyrgyzstan t-shirts 
(sorry, no tax reciept will be given for this item) 

Shirt style
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