Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A little update from the travelers

Well Emma and \Jengish made it in Friday night and we have been on the go ever since. 

Jengish loved the Paris airport 
They got in around 5:30 and by 6:30 we were sitting down for supper with Ron and Cathy from Brantford on our way to Windsor for the night .. great to see them , looking forward to next weekend when we will be sharing at their church, then cooking a Kyrgyz banquet for every one there. 

We pulled into Windsor around 11:00 pm and held up at a hotel there for the night . then first thing in the morning we were crossing the bridge to the USA 

We could not wait to get to Cincinnati . Logan was home waiting for Jengish and loved that Jengish arrived with a new train for him and a couple bottles of Coke .. 

Logan had a train that needed a little work, so Jengish took it apart and found all kinds of extra parts . 
In the morning we shared all about the farm at AP East , and connected with lots of friends their as well . We are excited that they will be sending a team to Kyrgyzstan this spring. Also exciting news that they will be building a modern green house at the farm as well as purchasing a couple new commercial sewing machines for the sewing centre.  

Monday we were off to Virginia to see the DeLilles,  Jengish and Emma had spent so much time with the boys in Kyrgyzstan they really weree looking forward to a visit with them . 

An added bonus for Jengish was to take the mini Cooper for a bit of a spin 

 Last night we were celebrating a Birthday both at the farm and in VA .  Marat is a friend of the boys and lives on the farm.  Jengishes brother brought out pop and a cake, and Aigoola cooked a special meal for him. 

At the same time here in the west Emma  cooked Monty, some with meat and some with potato and pumpkin ..  soo god .. then I made some borsolk, bishbalmak and Laproshka, and we had a big cake and pop as well ..  
what a feast .. then we all sang happy birthday to Marat 

Now we are on our way back to Cincinnati .. Actually Julie and i landed a couple hours ago, and Jengish and Emma were going to get in an hour later , but their flight was delayed out of RIC so they missed the connection in Newark .. so they will be landing a few hours late on a later flight .. 
thankful there was a later flight and room on it .. and that they have a Starbucks with wifi and a plug in at our table while we wait. 

Tomorrow morning we will be heading out real early and stopping in Sarnia to Visit with Ed on our way home to Norwood. 

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