Friday, January 08, 2016

Kids say hello to old friends

Jan 7 was Christmas day in Kyrgyzstan , and a busy day it was !   We had Celebrations going on all over the valley .. So here are some photos from the day 

Gramy was with the girls out in the village with our friends Vera and Oleg.  They had a celebration with  many of the kids in the village .  

along with gifts, there were games and skits to entertain, followed by food .. a great day for all 

They have built a great new car port. It was a little cold now , but when it warms up they will be able to use it as a banquet hall for the many different celebrations and kids camps that they run 

The biggest event of the day was the party out at Red River orphanage   Friends from Tokmok looked after this one with Sergey.  The put on a full concert for the kids as well as had gifts for them.  At this orphanage many of the kids have some family or friends  that they can go to or visit on special holidays, but those that are left behind  have no one .. So it was decided that this would be the best day to have the party there .. A special treat for them to remind them tat they are not alone and people do care about them .  This celebration was sponsored through the pie challenge as well, but the cool part is that two boys from this orphanage are in America for their first Christmas, and they raise the funds and got the pies in the face .. At the end of the video below you can see the kids all saying thank you to the boys. 

 The next celebration was in Tokmok.  For this celebration, the boys from the farm  got dressed up and came into town.  Aren't they a good looking bunch ? 

Today there were a couple of birthdays out at the farm, One was extra special .. Roma turned 18 something he has been so excited about .  Now that he is 18 he is legally allowed to work on the farm and will be getting a salary.  We are hoping and will encourage him to stay in school until the spring but for him to know that he is settled and has a permanent home is a special thing. 
Gramy and the girls wee out at the farm for the celebration .. a nice meal, some gifts, and a game night .   


and in case you are wondering the pigs are doing great .. I under stand where the term comes from .. "little porkers"

The weather has been nice for the last week and Gramy has gotten to go on lots of nice walks with Lilly and the girls .

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