Thursday, January 07, 2016

Week TWO .. from Gramies Perspective

WEEK TWO I can’t give all the details of what happened last week in perfect order. Saturday we had lunch with Larissa, her mother Ludmila, and Tanya. This was the first time I had sat down with someone my own age while in Kyrgyzstan. Ludmila and I are 2 months apart in age. Listening to some of her history, I was truly shocked at the difference in the lives we’ve lived. I felt I was going to cry, but I just got up and hugged her tight. I think she understood. 

 We’ve been to the farm many times, the boys are great. Someone had donated computers and they had been set up in the living room to the boys delight. The ever wise Aigula keeps the door locked until after supper. Sunday morning we went to church. Bekah went home to Bishkek to visit a friend, and we went to the market and bought two lambs and a (beautiful) goose. All the chickens were sold out and we will go back on Sunday. We still need to buy 7 chickens, 1 turkey, a duck and a rabbit. 

 On Monday, we bought oranges, apples, and bananas ( two boxes each) and diapers for the baby orphanage. The next day we bought 15 large packages of good quality diapers. (aprox. 90 per package) Their eyes popped. 

 evening, we had a really nice supper at Saidula and Lola’s house. We had met them Sunday at church. Saidula was asking about you, John. Bekah came home that evening.

 Yesterday we visited with Maria and had a nice cup of tea with her. She GAVE me an 80 year old tea pot and creamer which will go nicely with the ancient vase given to me by an older lady that we drove home on a muddy and wet day, more on that later.

 We were invited to Ishar and Aksana’s for supper and had a great time. 

I still have a whole week and 2 days left. Sorry about the Falcon and your cold weather. We had 2 days of -7 and the rest has been above 0. Lilly is looking great and says hello to Timmy.  Emma, Bekah, and Jenish say hello. Hugs and love Mom.

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