Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Celebrations at the Baby orphanage

Today was the party at the Tokmok baby orphanage .   Before they went they were in contact with them, and were asked if this year for gifts could they bring them diapers. It is cold out and the cloth diapers are just not drying properly .  First stop was to pick up diapers .

Diapers are not much of a special treat for the kids .. they are , but not something that would excite the kids , but cases and cases of apples , oranges and banana's , that's something to celebrate .  

We are not able to post the pictures of the kids from the orphanage today , but to give you an idea, I have some pictures from the orphanage Christmas party a few years ago.  The kids in these pictures are home with their forever families, In fact some of them have been involved in the pie challenge and even taken a pie in the face themselves in an effort to raise funds for a special celebration for those they left behind.  

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