Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Final week for Gramy Pamy in KG , still going srong .

Gramy starting her final week in Kyrgyzstan 

Lots of excitement so far this week, I guess the first is this.  While Jengish and Emma are here,  They wanted to join us visiting some young friends of theirs in the US.  We tried to get a Visa for Jengish , asked for enough to cover about 5 days .. they gave him a 5 year multiple entrance ..  

Today was an exciting day for the kids from Swetly Put Orphanage .  We had some kids in Canada run a lemonade stand to raise some money for a special day for them.  To those we added the pie in the face money designated to them, and the kids got to have the day of all days .    They went to see Star Wars, then out to a high end Burger House.  What a treat anywhere you are in the world, but if you are in an orphanage in Central Asia..this is mind blowing for them .

While waiting in line at the movies the kids kept themselves entertained 

More animals out to the farm this week.  This time it was the smaller animals ,  Chickens (Eggbert, Shelly, Mr. Yolker, Shelton, Beaker, & Chicken Boo) , ducks, rabbits and a turkey OH my . 
these are all animals purchased from the Christmas Catalogue.  We still have another trip planed looking for a Holstein milk cow. so its not to late if you want to  in on the fun go to this Link 

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