Thursday, January 07, 2016

Visiting old friends and OLD friends

Today Grammy went with Emma and Bekah to visit some old friends, in both sense of the word.. Friends that we have had for a long time, and friends that are just plain OLD.  

It was great for mom to reconnect with Isar and his family.  Isar has been a good friend for about 10 years, and along with driving a bus, he makes all our transportation arrangements when we have teams or groups of kids going anywhere.  

The next stop was to go for tea with our neighbour Buba Maria .. Buba Maia is in her 90's and has no family left.

  She told Mom that she was so honoured that she would come to her home for tea.  She said that Julie and I are like her children and the girls are her grand children so to meet Grammy there Canadian Grandmother / mother is such a blessing to her .  They visited for over two hours, and as Grammy was going Buba Maria presented her with the tea set they were using and said that she has had it for about 80 years.  

We had some good news today.  Emma and Jengish will be coming to Canada in a couple weeks..  We need to get Emma and new passport, as well as arrange some banking that will make things a little more stream lined, however they need to be at the bank in person .  It works out well though they will be here for three and a half weeks, and they have a packed trip.   Today Jengish was approved for his US Visa , so as soon as they get here we will head for Cincinnati for the weekend, then back in Canada the are booked right through until their return at the end of Feb.   

In a couple days I will post our itinerary with several speaking engagements, dinners and team fundraisers until Our return in March. Maybe we will be in your area, If so we would love to see you. 

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