Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Who can I visit ?

The girls have been busy this week , so many little things .. or at least they may seen little to us but huge in the  eyes of the kids she has been visiting .   It's difficult at times , Every time you visit with one of the kids , there are so many things that jump out at you.  I guess we are wired to help .. Fortunately sometimes the greatest help we can bring is to simply visit.... James 1:27 talks about pure religion that God loves is to visit the widows and the orphans ..   There is so much that can be read into that .  VISIT.  is that to meet there needs , to help them out of difficulty, is that to build a support network around them to care for them.   Does  VISIT  mean to protect them from the parells  around them .. to be a defender from all that would seek to harm ... I think that it is actually all of the above, BUT if we focuse on that , it is so easy to become overwhelmed and say what can I do .. I believe that if we just start with the Basic ...VISIT.. just that .. VISIT.. what healing power there is in that .  It cost nothing but can change a persons world.  

To Visit carries so many messages with it .. Visiting some one shows that they are not alone , it shows that although time is valuable, they are more valuable. Visiting lets people know that they are a part of something bigger then just them .  It carries a message of HOPE, and DIGNITY.. 

I was sharing this with some friends in and one of them said that in his mothers nursing home, they greatest commodity there was a visit.  Every one there new when someone got a visitor. they know when someone comes, and they know who is getting visitors.. they all gather around after a visit to hear all about it .  It is not about how much money , or how many things you have, but the greatest wealth is the VISIT, and you don't need to go to Kyrgyzstan to do that .. 

nursing homes across North America

While you read Emma's letter below,  think to your self ... WHO CAN I VISIT ?

  • Hi dad, today i went to Bishkek to meet with Nastia. It was her birthday a couple days ago, so i got her a journal, she was so happy. She said she went to the store to get something and saw all the pretty journals and had been dreaming of buying one.
  • she was also really happy to hear that Ivy remembered her and that you and mom asked how she was doing
    she brought her friend  Dilya, who is from an orphanage in Jalal abad
    they study together and live together, and in the summer when everyone goes home, it will be just them at the dorm.
    Tomorrow we will go and visit the men at the mens home .. just to spend time with them

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