Saturday, March 16, 2013

What a blessing that would be

Yesterday I posted a story about the food hampers that the girls are delivering .  Tomorrow I will be sharing this with a group of kids ( missionaries in training ) , and thought that it would be good to do a little comparison so that they could see first hand what they were able to get for each $25 donation that they raised .   I knew it would cost a lot more here in Canada , but I was careful to look for the deals and to get as close to the same size and quality that the girls are giving out... the picture below is the grocery shop I just did . 

The actual cost of the same groceries here in Canada is $48 .. compared to the $25 that it costs in Kyrgyzstan .  But here is the astounding part ...this represents  20.8 % of the monthly income of the average Kyrgyz worker , compared to a whopping  1.2% of a single Canadian workers income .

is it any wonder that this is such a blessing to a student or a low income family.. and that also explains why this will last them a month ...

Now here is another way of looking at this ... for the average Kyrgyz person to bless their neighbor in this way it would cost them 20% of their income .. Here in North America you could bless some one you know in need  for only 1% of your monthly income ... and what a blessing that would be !  so go ahead ,... I dare you !

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