Saturday, March 30, 2013


We have a saying that we use quite often.. " Stopping for the one in front of you "    We use this almost as an excuse , like " God has put this person in front of me , and I am spiritual enough to recognise that this person has been placed here so that I would stop. "    Where as this does happen a lot, some times it comes more as a plead from Bekah  " BUT DAD WE HAVE TO HELP" 
 and as many times as I try to ignore or put her off, she is relentless and keeps at it ..   Gee I wonder where she gets that from ..
The last couple months, so many needs have been really laying heavy on Bekah.. She has been trying hard to find sponsors for many of them, over at www.iam1ru and has done very well, but still its not enough..   She has been asking for help for a new family that she has come across. 
Bekah has listed one of their needs on the site .. see here but she tells me " Dad they just need too much help.. I can't post it all .. " Their mother just died, and there father has been gone a long time .. They have never been to a dentist and their teeth are black and falling out . The house needs sooo much work, and now they can not afford to keep the youngest in school .  

The needs are just too great .. where do you start .. food, clothes, medical, housing... or do we simply do what everyone else has done ... NOTHING... I really don`t know what we will be able to do, but I do know that we will do something .

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