Monday, March 11, 2013

a little spring cleaning ...of sorts !

 Hearing the needs at the children's hospital , I had  asked Anya to give me an update on a few others that they work with as well.. figuring that it would not be long before they too were contacting us .  It was as we had expected.. the winter has been long for them as well.    What seems to be the most in need is cleaning and hygiene supplies as well as spring shoes..

Hello dear John. this is report about needs  
1.  R orphanage
 a) tooth- pastas 
 b) soap  
c) shampoo  
d)  soap powder for wash machine
 e) shoes 

   2. one babushka need check her eyes and I think need after make operation  

3. Kemin dom pristorelyh ( seniors home )    food         
  4.. O.  orphanage
  a) shoes
  b) fix roof 
 c) food 
 d)  tooth-pasta
 e) shampoo 
 f) soap   
g) toilet papers 
 h) fix some rooms paint 
 i) pay for  electricity $200

Its not that I am looking for ways to spend money that we don't yet have, but I have learned after the years that many are waiting for us to return each spring, and they will all have needs ... I want to be ready ...

If you would like to help us put shoes on kids and do a little spring cleaning so to speak, please consider making a donation using the buttons on the right hand side of this blog .

Thank you so much for all your help as we care for those around us .

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