Monday, March 04, 2013


There is a family that lives just down the street from us in Tokmok .  LAMb has worked a lot with this family , with renovations on their home, medical care for the kids , including a new glass eye for one of the girls.  We have even helped  by hiring the father to work at many of the projects we do around town.   Unfortunately we have not had  much work for them in a couple months, and the jobs are scarce right now.  Yesterday They came to see Emma with a concern, and were looking for a little help.  One of there boys is ready to start school, but they do not have clothes for him or the school supplies that he will need ..

They were wondering if they could get a small advance on the next work that he does for us so that they could get the things that they need for him, as well as a few groceries.   They were looking for $20 .. This may not seem like a lot to some people in our society, but for them, this is an insurmountable need.
  Emma was able to tell them that she does not normally have this type of extra money  , but today she does, and that we would be pleased to help out.  She will go with them today to get the things that they need .. As well she told them that this time it is a gift, and he will not have to work it off..We will still try to find him more work, but this he does not have to pay back.... They were soo blessed and send a BIG thank you to the donor .   BUT lets flash back 24 hours.    Grammy Pammy had just come home from visiting some friends , a few of them had each given her $20 to give to Emma .. two had specific kids that they wanted to help, but one of her friends just said .. Emma will know where to use is .    AND NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.    

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