Monday, March 25, 2013

Svetly Put Children's home. Calendar

Let me tell you about one of the greatest places on earth ! 
 Svetly Put Children's home. 

"Svetly Put"   Childrens Home Calendar 

 In my books  Svetly Put is right up there with the best  .  This Children's home is more then just a place to house kids.   Here they work diligently to provide so much more .  This is often the first stop as children are brought in off the streets , as young as 4 or five years old, they find a loving  home waiting for them.   At Svetly Put, they work diligently to find parents or existing family , and work with them to allow the kids move back home . when that is not a possibility , they are that home.  The children have an opportunity to learn necessary life skills as well as extra skills such as sewing , felt work, and they even have a hair dressing studio for the kids .  The staff there are all  loving and kind , and are the kind of examples you would want for your own kids . 

Despite all this , This home has had some very shaky years.  First there was an attempt to take the building back from them to use it for other purposes.  Fortunately some high ranking City officials were able to see the great work that Svetly Put is doing with the kids, and they stepped in at the last minute to save the home .  Then last year the crisis hit again.   After ten years of funding from a single donor , the time came that the funding was going to come to an end.   

A plee for help went out around the globe, and enough funding has been restored to keep the doors open . 

We are so relieved , and grateful to those who have taken up the challenge to keep things going for these preciousness kids.    But it is not enough to just keep things going .   Jengish has been actively working at ways that we can help with things like upkeep and maintenance on the building , and the little extra things for the kids like the outing he took them on to dinner and a movie thanks to the Christmas pie challenge .. 

 But that is simply  not enough .  Jengish has determined that we will keep the doors open and we need to help them with more then just the basics.  And with this drive and motivation in mind, Jengish and some of his friends came up with the idea of producing calendars to sell to raise funds .  They are beautiful calendars of  featuring the kids of Svetly Put .   He was able to find a sponsor who covered the cost of the printing , and the calendar was produces ..

Jengish and his friend began selling the calendars at Sierra ,  a Bishkek coffee house where they kicked off with a gallery exhibition

Sales are going very well, but Jengish has had a lot of people asking if they can be available on line. So we now have things set up that you can purchase your very own calendar right here .    The first wave of Calendars will  arrive in the US in just a couple weeks .. so get your order in now.  
The cost is $26.95 including shipping .. or maybe you would like to buy them as gifts  in a lot of 4 for $100  
( if purchasing as a gift or if they are to be shipped to a different address from the one used to purchase them, please be sure to put the correct shipping address in the memo section when checking out ... sorry no Tax receipt available on purchased goods )

To order , please use this link below 

                                                                how many would you like ?

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