Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mens day celebration

   I still think of the first time we visited the Mens home .. what a dark place it was. My friend Dan referred to it as a glimpse of Hell.   
   Larissa has been through it all..and not just Larisa , but so many caring workers at the home.  We spoke with one nurse, she has worked there for over 40 years , she remembers when the Soviet system fell, she and the others continued to go in for work every day to care for the men, it was months that they worked with NO PAY.. she said that she did not even know if they had a job, but they could not just leave the men ... 
  Through the years, we have seen amazing things at the home ,  So it brings a lump in my throat , and tears in my eyes as I see events like this one organized by  Bekah's sponsoring organization through their web site     

Stop for a moment and think of the worst of the worst that you could imagine,  a place where not that long ago 80 men died in a 2 week period of starvation and exposure .. in their own beds .. these are some of the men that survived .. 

But today , they do more then survive ... they celebrate LIFE... 

This was part of todays update from the girls 

 "We went with Larissa and Tanya and took the men to a movie in Bishkek. It was free for the movie thanks to a friend of Larissa's and it was also free when the kids went. He has an organization and connections and he asked if we ever need to take people somewhere he can help. PI sponsored the lunch at Faiza, the bus and the ice cream and rides in the park"

What a blessing to be part of something like this .. Thank you to every one who has had a part in bringing this home to where it is today ... 

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