Friday, March 15, 2013

The sap is not the only thing running .

We have been getting ready for our return to Kyrgyzstan in a couple weeks .. lots to take care of before we go, but glad to be able to spend some time with Jonah. Today we were out tapping some trees.  It is our hope to be able to boil down enough sap for us to have a big pancake breakfast in Kyrgyzstan with the kids there .  I think they will be quite interested in how to make maple syrup and I know they will love the taste . 
Jonah pounding in the spigot into the tree 
anxiously waiting for the sap to come out 

This Sunday we will be sharing with the kids at Norwood Church .  They have decided that they would like the funds that they raise for missions to go to the work of Emma and Bekah  in Kyrgyzstan .  In particular they would like to buy food hampers ...   what fun .. and as the funds are raised, the girls can deliver the packs and send pictures back right away  to keep the kids excited .. They will have no problem finding homes for these little blessings 
 NPC Sunday School MAK Bank                                
   $25 is enough for a one month supply of groceries.  Special thanks from your missionaries to the kids of KyrgyzstanEmma and Bekah Wright 

The photos's above are from the last food drive . it was sponsored by the good folks over at
  Possibilities International .

  If you are not from Norwood area, and would still like to be a part of this special blessing, why not go on over to . Where it says support a dream agent,  click on GO and choose Bekah from the drop down screen .  
While you are there , take a moment and check out the dreams that Bekah has posted, and have seen filled already ,  as well as some of the others that her counterparts have posted from around the globe.   

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