Sunday, March 24, 2013

Update from Larisa and Tanya

It was great to get our update from Larisa and Tanya .  they have been busy the last couple days with Emma and Bekah ... spending time with the kids as well as getting organized for the team coming over ..  here is part  the update from them ... 
"Hallo John and Julie .  How are you?  We are very glad  that you come back to Kyrgyzstan.We wait you. Welcome to  Kyrgyzstan.
Thank you so much for blessing for us.  We very  appreciate our friendship and we thank God for good friends like you.
Thank you so much John and Julie and your sponsors .

Yesterday  was very good day we with poor children and    Bekah   ,Amma were  at theatre  and after were  Faisa caf√© . Children were so happy especially they like food. Several boys told that shashlik they try first time .  All were happy 

 .Thank you so much for simple dreams .  ( sponsored by )

  We bought different seeds for men’s home .We with men planted seeds and covered with rubber sheet for fast grow and protect from cold weather. I send you pictures. Thank you.    Men wait you and give you regards 
See you soon when we will do more planting with team      .Let Lord bless you.

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